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ICU Days Prove to Be Fun, Creative and Challenging

The latest round of ICU days were designed to embed the House spirit and to provide new learning challenges.

Day one (Thursday) saw each tutor group work together to complete a series of tasks throughout the day, to encourage teamwork and collaboration. The activities included a photo scavenger hunt, creating an outfit out of recycled materials, producing door plaques and coming up with a House cheer.

The day was organised by the Heads of Houses and Head of Socrates Fran Allan said: "The theme of the day was to re-establish the House spirit and to help forms to gel and work together as a team."

On the second day (Friday), each department organised a day-long activity and students were given a choice as to which they would like to participate in.

Intersales Teaching helped one group of students set up bands through its Rock School programme while another group heard from visiting author Mark Robson and put together their own piece of creative writing.

There was also a journalism project where students were challenged to put together a newsletter.

In Humanities, history buffs looked at medieval weapons while geography students examined how Kettering could be improved.

A debating group learnt how to formulate and put across an argument while a series of maths activities in the main hall saw students complete challenges to 'buy' equipment to be able to build a wind turbine.

There were also lots of projects focussing on House identity and ethos.

More details and photographs will be published in the next edition of Under the Microscope.