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Celebration Afternoon for Top Year 7s

Families of year 7 students who were nominated for their effort and attitude were invited to a celebratory tea party with KSA’s Principal.

Each house put forward five students who have got off to a flying start at the Academy.

They were invited with their families to have tea and cake with Principal Martin Campbell today (Tuesday, December 13th).

Mr Campbell told them: "The young people in this room have been chosen after we spoke to heads of houses, heads of departments and teachers - they were nominated for their effort, for their academic success or for their general demeanour around school.

"I know some of the parents here today will have taken time off work or changed shifts around so I'm really pleased that we can say well done to these students and what a great start to their first year of secondary school."

Mum Karen Barr was there with daughter Claudia (pictured) and she said: "I think it's important for the school to hold events like this because it's crucial that students are recognised so they keep striving for more.

"Claudia has always shown an element of being academic and the variety she has here is immense, like all the after-school clubs. The support is here for her and the foundations are being laid even before the school moves into the new building. We have made a good choice by picking this school."

Theresa Kawonga joined her daughter Jordan Ori-Orison and agreed it was important that students' efforts are celebrated.

She said: "I'm ever-so proud of her and it's lovely that they're being recognised - it makes them more determined to keep going."

The food was provided by year 10 BTEC catering students, who produced homemade sausage rolls, biscuits and cakes for the event.

Two weeks ago, they held a tasting session with Mr Campbell and Head of House Andy Brown who approved their menu.