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Degree-Level Studies for Sixth Formers

Sixth Formers have been developing their independent study ready for university by taking degree-level modules.

Most of the Year 13 students who sat the Open University units now have their results back and the vast majority passed.

Last year they selected a subject to study and after carrying out their own independent research, they had to complete an online assessment.

Nathan Stevenson (pictured left) opted for the module 'Darwin and Evolution' and had to conduct a study of snails, identifying different breeds.

Harshil Patel studied 'An Introduction to the Universe' because it will help with his future studies while Courtney Morson looked at the obesity epidemic through the module 'Understanding Human Nutrition'.

Courtney (pictured right) said: "It's a good introduction to how it will be at university and it also shows universities that you can work independently, without help from people at school."