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Responsibilities, Behaviour and the Wider World

Tutor time is being used to teach students about issues in the wider world from internet safety and relationships to democracy and fair trade.

This year, CAPS lessons have focussed on six themes:

  • Relationships
  • A Place to Learn
  • Fair trade
  • A Safe Learning Environment
  • Voting and Democracy
  • Wish You Were Here

Each form has been looking in depth at each topic to develop their awareness and understanding of issues outside of school.

They looked at the impact of fair trade on food producers in developing countries and were then challenged to hold a sale of fair trade goods to see how much money they could make for their house charity.

Forms examined democracy and dictatorships across the world, including a study of the reasons behind the uprisings in the Middle East (pictured). Closer to home, students were told how they could shape school life by getting involved in the Academy's council.

The topic Wish You Were Here helped students to understand the impact of tourism on other countries, the effects of poverty on the environment and the idea of an eco-holiday.

Groups also looked at issues facing young people in the 21st century, including gang culture, road safety, drugs and internet safety.

In the Relationships topic, students were encouraged to think about how their behaviour affects their relationships with other people and what makes a positive relationship. They thought about stereotypes, how to behave when discussing sensitive issues and the implications of being a young parent.