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More Student Librarians

A trio of reading enthusiasts are the latest to sign up to the student librarian training scheme.

Amrik Singh, Arundeep Somal and Curtis Woods had to apply to the library and will now complete their training to receive their badge and certificate.

They will learn how to issue, return and search for books, keep the library tidy and write book reviews.   

The three spend some of their break times in the library and have already made an impression on librarian Juliet Walsh.

She said: "These three students were keen readers anyway and they're doing really well at the training scheme.

"It teaches them skills like dealing with people and treating members of staff and other students as their 'customers'.

"The scheme is only open to Year 7s at the moment. Now they are starting to see some of their peers working behind the desk, lots of them are keen to get involved."

Curtis said: "We're in the library a lot and we like reading so we just wanted to apply when we heard about the student librarians."