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Trip to Normandy

A group of Year 8 Students visited the French town. Student Lewis Jolley reports.

On Monday  at 4am we met in the corn market hall car park to leave for France.


It  was a long but eventful journey and we eventually got to France at 6.30pm. After settling in it was a hurried dinner followed by unpacking and a treasure hunt at 9pm.

On Tuesday morning we did some of our activities including Archery and Zipwire. The Archery was fun with Mr Oldershaw getting a few yellow rings but no one got a bullseye!

In the afternoon we went to the goat cheese farm, there was a lot of baby goats and a couple of male goats. On Tuesday night we had the blind date with Mr Oldershaw, Mrs Reid and Mrs Golding all taking part. Mr Oldershaw was the picker with Mrs Reid and Mrs Golding as contestants.  Mrs Reid won!

On Wednesday we set off for a whole day of excursions.

 In the morning we went to the market and then we got back on to the coach and set off for Mont St Michel. Our first sight of it was amazing, it was huge!

When we got there we had our lunch sitting on top of a rock face! After lunch we went into the abbey and saw lots of amazing sights. We were told that the alleys in Harry Potter was based around this design we all really enjoyed it.

After dinner we had French night and a fashion show with almost everyone dressing up as a famous french person.

On Thursday Morning we went to the cider farm and we all got to try and buy some apple juice. When we got back we had lunch and then had our second lot of activities including Aeroball and Fencing. That night we had a disco and talent show with a lot of our school participating in the talent show.

On Friday it was time to pack and leave unfortunately, but we all knew we had a great time and didn't want to leave.

Overall everyone had a brilliant time and myself and a lot of other Year 8's would recommend it to any Year 7's who might think about going on it next year.

Article by Year 8 Student Lewis Jolley