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Karolina Experiences Life as a Cambridge University Student

A sixth former spent three days at Cambridge University after successfully applying for a shadowing scheme.

Karolina Zeissel, who is hoping to be accepted into the university, was among around 1,000 students who applied for one of 200 places on the programme.

She spent time with a mentor - a second-year student - attending lectures in economics, law and government politics.

She stayed at Fitzwilliam College and even went along to a student union debate on whether fashion is elitist, where the panel included the CEO of an international clothing firm and one of the judges from the TV show, Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model.

Karolina, who is taking A levels in economics, business, maths and English literature, said the experience has motivated her to pursue her dream of studying land economy at one of England's top universities.

She said: "It was three days in the life of a Cambridge student and it was amazing, even just learning how to debate properly.

"We had a talk by the person in charge of admissions who advised us on what we have to do to get into the top universities, like going to master classes at universities and summer schools."

She has since applied for a master class in land economy at Cambridge University in March and a summer school in economics and management at the University of St Andrew's. Fellow sixth formers Christian Dobson and Euan Lindley recently attended a maths master class at Cambridge University.

Karolina learnt about the shadowing scheme from her maths teacher Sophia Parkinson. She said: "We get given so much information in the sixth form here to help us, like the shadowing scheme.

"Before I went I wasn't sure if I could get into a university like Cambridge but I fell in love with the place and it really motivated me."