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Well-Being Zone: Swim Your Way to a Healthier Lifestyle

KSA’s Well-Being Zone has offered some tips to help parents and staff get the most out of swimming.

In the latest advice pack, those who are already keen swimmers and those who are just starting out have been encouraged to think about the following points: 

  • Wear goggles: Swimming is much easier if you can see where you are going!
  • Wear a swimming hat: Protect your hair from pool chemicals and keep it out of your face when swimming
  • Breathing: Taking regular breaths helps you keep going for longer
  • Use equipment: Using kick boards, paddles, etc - makes sessions more interesting and helps strengthen your arms and legs
  • Change strokes: Mixing up strokes uses different muscles and gives a better all round work-out
  • Mix up the pace: Don't just swim up and down at one pace - add some fast lengths to make it more beneficial
  • Use the pace clock: Check your rest intervals and times you are hitting to compare each session
  • Goals: To make exercising more fun, set time or distance goals for each session

Parents and staff are welcome to join KSA's Well-Being Zone, a free online advice centre that offers personalised health and fitness plans as well as the latest well-being tips and advice. Discounts on gym memberships are also available.

Over 18s can access the site at and use KSA1 as the organisation code to get started.