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Latest Well-Being Advice for Parents and Staff

This week marks No Smoking Day and KSA’s Well-Being Zone has the following advice for anyone wanting to quit:

"Whatever your reason, if you've tried quitting and have gone back to smoking, you're not alone. In fact most people who successfully quit will have tried, and failed, several times. But don't give up on giving up - if you're committed to quitting, you can do it.

Here's a few of the top tips for quitting:

1. Set a date: A good time to stop is No Smoking Day on Wednesday 14th March as you'll be stopping with more than a million other people!

2. Get free local help: Find your local free stop smoking service by calling a helpline. With their help and a proven treatment, you're four times more likely to stop smoking.

3. Reward yourself: Plan some treats with the money you'll save!

4. Don't even have 1 cigarette: It's the first step back to 20-a-day.

The KSA Well-Being Zone is a free online service aimed at helping parents and staff lead more healthier lifestyles. To sign up, visit, using the organisation code KSA1 to get started.

For more tips on giving up smoking visit