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Teacher Launches War Gaming Club

A War Gaming teacher is calling on students to join a new after school club which starts tomorrow (April 22nd).

James Leigh has been a War Gamer since the age of 13, and now wants to share his passion for the game with students.

The History teacher, who is exhibiting this Saturday (April 24th) at the national Salute conference in London, said: "I have been doing this as a hobby since I was a teenager and have always enjoyed it.

"Initially I used to do the fantasy type war gaming - such as Lord of The Rings - but over recent years I have moved towards more military type games.

"I enjoy the whole process; from assembling and painting the models and boards, to playing the game itself."

The club is being initially opened to Year 9 and 10 students and may be extended to later years in time.

Students who attend the club will learn about every aspect of war gaming; from putting together and painting the figures, to creating the board and then learning the rules of the game.

Mr Leigh, whose father is a railway model enthusiast, hopes that he will get together a club of at least six students.

He said: "It is a sociable activity and also involves a different way of looking at history.

"It allows you to look at the 'what if's' of history - what may have happened if a certain battle had not been won."

As the club develops the students will take each other on in military themed battles.

War Gaming is popular across the world. Developed in the 1950s, it became hugely popular in the 1970s and is the pre cursor to the modern computer war games.

All equipment will be provided and for more information, students are invited to talk to Mr Leigh.