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Science Showcase

A celebration of National Science and Engineering Week ended with a flourish following a programme of science-themed activities.

The Academy's younger pupils held a Science Showcase this term to present their studies to parents, governors, senior leaders within the Brooke Weston Partnership and Kettering MP Philip Hollobone.

It was the culmination of a project involving all primary children and which focussed on the theme of National Science Week, 'World in Motion. The activities got off to a flying start earlier this month with the launch of a paper aeroplane competition, High Fliers. Pupils had to design a paper aeroplane and write an explanation of how they tested it, how it worked and any changes to the design they made.

There was also a visit from the Hands-on-Science agency which helped pupils to explore the science behind rocket engineering. In addition, parents where invited in to science lessons in the last few weeks to get involved with their children's learning.

Year 2 and Year 4 have kick-started the links with the Secondary Phase which has seen pupils go over and work in the labs to create blood (Year 2) and carry out an investigation of micro-organisms and yeast (Year 4).

Kate Edwards, who is the science co-ordinator for primary, said: "Science has an impact on everything we do and it's about building an understanding among our children that the study of science doesn't happen just in the classroom. It's all around them, from medication they take to the windows in their home.

"We also want pupils to be aware that sometimes there's no right or wrong answer: science is constantly changing and improving things to make our lives better."

The primary phase is aiming to achieve the Primary Science Quality Mark, an award programme that has been developed by the Association for Science Education and the national network of Science Learning Centres. The scheme aims to develop and celebrate the quality of science teaching and learning in primary schools. 

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