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KSA Well-Being Zone: April Update

Each fortnight, the KSA Well-Being Zone offers parents and staff tips on how to lead healthier lifestyles.

April marks Bowel Cancer Awareness Month and the Well-Being Zone has this advice:

"Each year Beating Bowel Cancer aims to make as much noise about bowel cancer as possible to help save lives from the disease. Although the exact causes of bowel cancer aren't known, there are certain things you can do to reduce your risk of getting bowel cancer: 

  • Stop smoking - If you smoke, quitting will have many health benefits, including reducing your risk of getting bowel cancer
  • Understand the symptoms - Recognise the symptoms of bowel cancer and go to your GP if you are concerned
  • Regularly exercise - Do at least 30 minutes of physical activity five times a week. The more active you are, the more you cut your risk of bowel cancer
  • Value your body - Keep a healthy weight. Leaner people are less likely to develop bowel cancer than obese people
  • Intake less alcohol - There is limited risk if you drink only small amounts. The more you cut down, the more you reduce your risk
  • Visit your GP - When bowel cancer is caught early, treatment is simpler and more effective. If you're concerned, go and see your GP
  • Eat healthily - Eat more fibre; five portions of fruit and veg each day; wholegrain bread, cereals, rice and pasta; less red/processed meat; more fish. 

Go to for more information."

To access your personalised health and fitness plan as well as the latest well-being tips and advice visit, using the organisation code KSA1 to get started.