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Applications for House Captains

Applications are now invited for the roles of House Captain and Vice Captain.

Fran Allan, Head of Socrates, has got the process under way for her house and has already had three applications for the post of House Captain.

House Captains make up the Executive Council, which meets on a regular basis with Principal Martin Campbell to discuss student issues and suggestions (pictured, the current Executive Council).

They are also representatives of the Academy at events like parents' evenings and open evenings. House Captains, who are normally Year 11 students, are expected to set a good example to the rest of their House and show initiative and leadership qualities.

Mrs Allan is aiming to get her House and Vice Captains in place in the next few weeks so the current Captains can help with their training.

The current Captains will also be part of the interview process to help select their successors.

Mrs Allan said: "We're looking for people who are confident and who are able to stand up and talk in assemblies. We're looking for someone who shows initiative, takes the lead and who will work with me to take Socrates forward and make it the best house in the Academy.

"It develops students' ability to lead a group in terms of chairing meetings and taking the initiative."

"My current House and Vice Captains, Curtis Mason and Arlette Brockway, have represented us very well and have been very supportive to the House."

Anyone who is interested in applying for the position of House or Vice Captain or would like an application form should speak to their Head of House.