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New Head of Hawking House

There will be a new face in Hawking soon when Megan Kedie takes over as Head of House.

As of September, Miss Kedie will replace current Head of House Andy Brown, who is stepping down from the role.

Miss Kedie, a science teacher, is Second in Sanger house but will be working closely with Mr Brown over the next two terms to ensure a smooth handover.

Miss Kedie is looking forward to developing the house newsletter that is produced by students with the creation of an editorial team. She is also looking at ways to develop links with her counterpart house in the Primary Phase.

One thing she'd like to implement is a Hawking Hero scheme which would allow students to vote for their peers in recognition of their achievements.

Miss Kedie said: "I want to celebrate and share success as a house. I want us to all take responsibility for each other and take on active leadership roles in some way."

With friendly competition often evident between the five houses, Miss Kedie said that swapping colours might take a bit of getting used to. She said: "The science department has given me a bit of stick about leaving Sanger but Hawking students have been very welcoming and supportive. I'll be sad to leave Sanger but I'm excited about this opportunity.

"Hawking is known for its good behaviour and attendance and I want to celebrate that."