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KSA Well-Being Zone: National Walking Month

This month marks the Great British Walking Challenge and the first National Walking Month.

The KSA Well-Being Zone has this advice on why people should leave their cars at home:

Walking is the cheapest, simplest and one of the most effective forms of exercise that a person can do. Walking for just half an hour each morning can transform your fitness levels, reduce stress and anxiety, and vastly improve your concentration levels for the day ahead.

It's easy, it's affordable and it works.

Tony Armstrong, Chief Executive of Living Streets said: "The benefits of walking more are huge and not only for your health. Walking can provide time to plan for the day ahead, or to unwind after it. It can be as simple as walking all or part of the journey to school, stepping out of the office for a lunchtime walk, or getting off the bus a few stops earlier on your way home from the office."

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Parents and staff can access a personalised health and fitness plan by logging on to, using the organisation code KSA1 to get started.