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GCSE Driving Students Achieve 100% in Riding Exam

Four students who are taking a GCSE in driving in their own time all achieved 100% in one of their exams – the first time their instructor has known it to happen.

Freddie Morris, Fabien Sutton, Richard Mitchell and Tesvin John started the two-year course a year ago and have being having a lesson a week with road user training company 90-ONE Education.

They even came into school during the holidays to continue with the programme, which has included driving lessons around the school car park, classes in theory and a project about road user behaviour.

The students recently sat a riding exam for bikes and all achieved 100% - their instructor said that in 14 years, he'd never known a group to pass with such flying colours. The driving experience they have gained means that it should take them half the time to pass their test when they start official driving lessons.

Richard said: "It's given us driving experience as well as an extra GCSE."

Fabien added: "It's been fun and it's good for our university applications because it's something we have done in our own time."