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New Volunteers in the Library

A former school library advisor and a parent who started a library at her son’s school are volunteering their time at KSA.

Roz Wyman (pictured left) worked for eight years in Northamptonshire County Council's school libraries service while Sarah McCarron (pictured right) helped to establish a library at Brigstock Primary School.

The pair bring a wealth of experience to KSA's library and they will offer support to librarian Juliet Walsh one morning a week.

Mrs McCarron, whose favourite book is Flowers in the Attic by Virginia Andrews, said: "The reason I first got involved with a school library is that unless parents are so inclined to take their children to the public library, it can be the only access chidlren have to books.

"I'm excited about how the library will look in the new building and how it will fit in with the mixed media in use in school."

Mrs Wyman has worked in libraries throughout her career, including nine years at Montsaye Community College. She used to visit school libraries across the county, delivering training and offering advice.

She said: "School libraries are the focal point for encouraging literacy and reading is the focus of everything in a child's learning. If you get someone reading, they will develop an enquiring mind."

Mrs Walsh added: "It's great to have some fresh faces in the library so we can bounce ideas off each other. The students have taken to them really well."