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Some Frightfully Good Reads

Pay a visit to the library (if you dare) and pick up some spooky stories and blood-curdling books this Halloween.

Librarian Heidi Economou has set up some ghoulish displays to get pupils interested in a different type of book. Year 9 pupils have been studying horror and its sub genres, such as romantic horror, and spent time in the library learning about how many well-known stories are influenced by real life events.

They learned that the word horror derives from the Latin horrere - 'shudder, (of hair) stand on end'.

Mrs Economou said: "They looked at the conventions and ingredients of horror and how these stories don't have to have ghosts and ghouls but need to evoke a sense of dread. They also discovered how authors can often write more graphically based on real life events and how books have different effects on a reader.

"On the back of their studies, we've had lots of horror books being borrowed from the library."

Year 8s have also been visiting the library as part of their study of animation, including manga books and graphic novels. They have looked at the history of animation and the art of creating a book without words that still has an impact.

Year 7 pupils have all had an induction into the library so they can confidently locate the books they need.