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Wordsmiths Celebrate Roald Dahl Day

Pupils took inspiration from one of the greatest children’s authors during Roald Dahl Day.

They were challenged to come up with their own version of the BFG and had to describe their character in the same imaginative style as Dahl.

The winner, Ben Richards from Da Vinci 9, was congratulated for his "wonderful vocabulary and whopsi-wiffling description".

The Special BFG Word Award went to Erzi Mannion thanks to her contributions to the Gobblefunk Glossary.

Other winners were:

  • Pippa Williams for writing which showed a great sense of humour
  • Loren Cooper for her imaginative similes
  • Courtney Halliwell for her creative sense of drama
  • Olivia Difante for her use of engaging sentences to entice the reader.

Their work has been put together in the form of 'An Anthology of Fantabulous, Whopsi-Wiffling, Scrumddliumptious Work' and is available from the library.

Librarian Heidi Economou said: "Year 7s had been learning about creative writing in their English lessons so we held this competition as part of their studies. We had nearly 50 entries and they were so fantastic. Through their descriptions and vocabulary we could see how hard they had worked. We were only meant to have two winners but they standard was so good that we awarded other prizes."
The winners received a copy of the anthology, a Dahl book and a Willy Wonka chocolate bar. Courtney said: "I like Roald Dahl because he makes you want to keep reading and he uses fun words - they are not like normal books."