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Fossil Hunt Weekend for Budding Palaeontologist

Bree Streather joined a fossil hunt in Whitby for some hands-on experience of palaeontology.

Bree's interest in fossils and pre-historic life began when she was just six years old, when her favourite books and television shows were those featuring dinosaurs.

In more recent times, she joined the UKAFH (UK Amateur Fossil Hunters) and started going to weekly meetings and monthly digs. A couple of weeks ago Bree attended her first dig weekender in Whitby, where she spent time examining the rocks in Saltwick Bay and Runswick Bay. She also met a palaeontologist at Doncaster Museum.

Bree, who is in Year 9, said: "After a while, you get to know what you are looking for. You're given information on what's been found there in previous years. My dad and I found vertebrae and some ammonites, which are fossils that look like snails.

"Being part of the group has helped me to learn about the different fossils and dinosaurs, which is good because I'd like a job in palaeontology in the future and it will help me get into that career. I asked the palaeontologist we met for advice and he suggested volunteering in a museum."