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Sixth Former’s Interview at the University of Cambridge

Christian Dobson is hoping to be accepted into one of the world’s most prestigious universities after securing an interview at the University of Cambridge this term.

He has applied to read maths at Caius College and had two 30-minute interviews on December 4th.

Christian was given four maths problems to solve during each interview, with the questions getting progressively harder and two interviewers watching his calculations.

Christian said: "Most of it covered things I have leant in school but just applied in a completely different way. Once I actually got in there I started to relax and I enjoyed the second interview - I could have gone on for longer.

"As a university, Cambridge is famous worldwide for maths but it's also got a really good atmosphere which is one of the reasons I applied."

Christian, who spent time at the university during a summer school earlier this year, told the interview panel what he had learned during the taster sessions.

He will find out in January if he has been accepted - good luck to him and all our other sixth formers who are waiting to hear about university places.