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Fundraising Off to a Flying Start for Tanzania Trip

Nineteen pupils have signed up for four weeks' voluntary work in Tanzania with Camps International in 2014.

At a well-attended meeting earlier this month, a group of pupils from years 9 to 11 paid their deposit and a further 11 pupils said they would like to sign up.

As part of the trip during the summer holidays, they will help out with community projects such as conservation and school building work while immersing themselves in another culture.

Each pupil has to raise £3,840 to pay for the trip and the fundraising has already started in earnest.

Leila Albin in Year 11 raised £300 by doing a sponsored crawl along the length of Deeble Road last Sunday. She dressed in a reindeer outfit (complete with builder's gloves and pads to protect her hands and knees) and crawled for more than two hours while her family knocked on residents' doors and collected donations.

Charlie Massie, also in Year 11, designed and produced a leaflet offering odd jobs such as babysitting and delivered them around the Ise Lodge estate. She is also putting her wages from her part-time job in the fundraising pot and has already told her family that next Christmas, she would like donations for the injections she will need.

Charlie said: "I would like to work in the travel industry so this opportunity to go to Africa will help me. What also made me want to do it is the thought that we will be helping people who haven't got the things that we have, and to put a smile on their faces.

"We have asked Mr Campbell about doing school show, like Britain's Got Talent but with an African theme. When I look on the Camps International website, it reminds me that we're going out there to help change people's lives."

This summer, three sixth formers joined Camps International's trip to Kenya and described the experience as life-changing.