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Ashley Pedals His Way To Help The Heroes

A caring Year 7 student put aside his health conditions to undertake a 26-mile bike ride and raised hundreds of pounds for the Help The Heroes charity.

Ashley Easton, 11, -who has curvature of the spine and severe asthma - took part in the Waendal Walk on Saturday (May 8th) - crossing the finish line after four hours.

The student, who was accompanied on the challenge by his father, was inspired to undertake his personal challenge after watching the news programmes and seeing the British war casualties.

After seeing injured veterans take part in last year's Waendal walk - Ashley took part in the 16 mile bike ride - he decided to help their cause and raise finds for the Help The Heroes charity.

He put together a leaflet to publicise his charity effort and raised £350 in total - more than twice his target.

He said: "I was aiming to raise £150, so I was really pleased to have raised more than double that.

"When I was doing the bike ride, it was difficult, but when I was panting, I listened to my dad who said: 'You are better off than the unfortunate soldiers who have no limbs'."

Ashley does not let his health issues get him down or hold him back.

He said: "I am just a normal child and I don't let my asthma or spine get me down. I was born with these conditions so I am used to it, and it doesn't cause me any pain."

Photos of Ashley taking part in teh bike ride will be available in our next newsletter published at the end of this term.