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Black Ties Awarded to Exemplary Pupils

Pupils who have demonstrated an excellent attitude to their studies and school life have been awarded a black tie in recognition of their efforts.

Learning mentors have the opportunity to nominate pupils based on their academic achievement, community involvement, contribution to school life and extra-curricular activities.

The following pupils received a black tie in the latest round:

Franklin: Georgia Bishop, Sophie Stokes and Claudia Barr
Da Vinci: Bree Streather, Reece Trigg, Adam Smith and Myles Tew
Hawking: Jess Mutton, Dylan Birk and Sacha Case
Socrates: Liberty Luck and Martha Reynolds
Sanger: Taylor Whitham, Melissa Blissett and Cameron Thompson

Pupils who are nominated but are unsuccessful in their applications are given feedback as to what they could do to receive a black tie next time round.

Taylor said: "Having a black tie makes you stand out as an individual and makes you feel good about yourself because you know you've achieved something."

Dylan added: "It makes you feel proud because you've worked hard. It's nice to be recognised."