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Accelerated Reader Champions

Three students have reached the impressive milestone of reading more than a million words thanks to their enthusiasm for the Accelerated Reader programme.

The programme is designed to encourage more students to read for pleasure and to improve reading ages. Year 7 students are allocated a colour according to their reading level and books in the library are marked with these colours. Once they have completed the book, students take an online quiz to test their knowledge and understanding of what they have read.

Three students who have approached Accelerated Reader with particular keenness are Ezri Mannion, Jade Tonks and Thomas Jawad, who have all read more than one million words since the programme was set up in September.

Ezri, (pictured left) who is currently at the four million word mark, said: "Reading means a lot to me; it's always been part of my life because I was introduced to it at a young age. If you're bored, it's nice to immerse yourself in the world of a book. Reading helps your imagination."

Thomas added: "Reading helps me in school, it's fun and it helps you to relax. My favourite books are the Percy Jackson & the Olympians series."

Jade said her favourite reads are The Hunger Games books and that the Accelerated Reader programme enhances pupils' understanding of what they have read. She said: "Reading helps you with your English lessons because you pick so much up from books that you can use in your own writing."

The three students all said they regularly use the Academy's library because of the range of books on offer. Top borrower Rhayman Lans Tupaz has checked out 42 books since September.

The following students have completed more than 20 Accelerated Reader quizzes since September (at the time of writing) - well done to all of them:

Ezri Mannion
Jade Tonks
Thomas Jawad
Harrison Moss
Muhammad Usama
Justin Ike
Salum Salum
Chloe Roberts
Jake Allibone
Thomas Larmour
Rebecca Tillsley
Joshua Handford

After half term, all Year 7 students will have library lessons every two weeks as part of their English lessons, which will include time to complete the Accelerated Reader quizzes.

Click here to access the Accelerated Reader programme. Students can also borrow iPads from the library to complete their quizzes.