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Students to Visit War Cemetery in Normandy

A group of Year 8 students will visit the site of the Normandy beach landings next month to learn more about the Allied invasion during World War Two.

The group will spend four nights at the Château Beaumont education centre and will spend the first day comparing the different invasions. Students will visit Arromanche to see the remains of the artificial harbour built for D-Day and will also go to see the Bayeux Tapestry to compare the Norman conquest of England.

The trip will include a visit to the UNESCO site, Mont-Saint-Michel, and a local market to give students the chance to practise their French. They will also have the opportunity to have a go at some activities back at the centre, including archery and fencing.

The trip follows on from a visit to Dunkirk last year when students learnt more about the mass evacuation during World War Two.

There is an information evening for parents tonight (Tuesday 29th January) from 6pm-7pm.