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Holocaust Memorial Day

Students have been urged to think about the strength of communities during a focus on Holocaust Memorial Day.

This week, each House is having an assembly about the Holocaust and the dangers of prejudice.

History teacher Marissa Wright told students that approximately six million Jews were killed during World War Two. To help them imagine the scale of the numbers killed, she told them that around 700,000 people live in Northamptonshire. She also asked them to imagine how they would feel if their neighbours suddenly turned on them and said that the Nazis' victims included people with disabilities and homosexuals.

Sophie Stokes and Amiirah Nuur read extracts from different pieces of literature written about the subject. They explained how it started with Jews being subjected to a host of rules, such as being forbidden from using theatres and swimming pools and generally being excluded from German life.

Students heard extracts from Anne Frank's diary and were reminded that genocide has also occurred in more modern times, such as during the conflicts in Rwanda and Bosnia during the 1990s.

Mrs Wright told students it is important to remember those communities destroyed by war.

She said: "We need to draw upon the courage of those who survived and rebuilt their lives. History tells us that communities which have lived peacefully together for years can turn against each other with murderous intent. Think about your community - this school is a community so think about how we can be friends together."