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Philanthropy Project Launched at KSA

Students have been urged to help vulnerable people in their community through the international Youth and Philanthropy Initiative (YPI).

George Macpherson, the YPI Schools Coordinator, gave an assembly to a group of Year 10 students whose names were put forward for the project by heads of houses.

Their aim is to work in small groups to identify a local charity and then make an inspiring and persuasive presentation about their chosen cause. The best ones will go through to a final within the Academy and the winning group will receive £3,000 for their charity.

Mr Macpherson introduced the project by asking them to consider what philanthropy is and gave some examples of some well-known philanthropists such as Bill Gates and Mother Teresa.

He told them: "Choose one social issue that you want to do something about. I can't urge you strongly enough to go and visit your chosen charity because then it stops being just a word and becomes a person and someone whose name you know.

"This project is an opportunity to show off how creative you are and how dedicated you are to your own community. Philanthropy is not just about money - it's about giving your time and talents to find solutions to problems in our society.

"This is the first school in Kettering to take part in the YPI and it's your chance to make a really positive difference. All of you are capable of achieving change."

Mr Macpherson gave another example of a philanthropist - a Year 11 student who took part in the YPI. While her group did not win the cash prize for their chosen charity, she decided to raise money for them anyway and collected £400 by going without her hair straighteners, mobile phone and other devices for one month.

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