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18 Student Librarians Appointed

Students will take an active role in the development of the library thanks to the appointment of a team of young librarians.

Students who were interested in the position had to complete an application form and were interviewed by Librarian Heidi Economou.

Their tasks will include issuing and returning books, keeping the library tidy and promoting reading to fellow students. A rota has been set up so they take it in turns to work in the library during CAPS.

The student librarians can work towards bronze, silver and gold awards. For the gold award, they will need to be able to use the catalogue to locate books, create a display and help out at events in the library.

Among the new appointees are Mykala Durkan and Leah McAllister (pictured). Leah said: "I love reading and I'm a member of the book club so I wanted to be a student librarian. It's a chance to do something fun and to work with Mrs Economou."

The newly-appointed student librarians are:

Mykala Durkan, Leah McAllister, Thomas Larmour, Chloe Ingram, Liam Watts, Simon Kang, Rian Isgar, Ezri Mannion, Keely Rose Mulhall, Jade Tonks, Reece Trigg, Maisie Thirkill, Tayla Katebzadeh Shahidi, Sophie Neely, Maria Brindeu, Morgan McGrady, Amanpreet Kaur, Aleksandra Dietrich.