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Two Sixth Formers Taking STEP Maths Course at the University of Warwick

Sixth Formers Christian Dobson and Euan Lindley have been attending university workshops in preparation for exams which are aimed at the top 5% of all A Level maths students.

The pair are sitting the STEP maths exams in June and have been working with lecturers and students at the University of Warwick once a week in readiness for the notoriously tough exam.

Christian must gain a certain grade to take up the offer of a place at the University of Cambridge, while Euan opted to take the exam in order to be better prepared for reading maths at university.

Christian said: "The questions are much more in depth than what we are used to and take much longer to solve - one question takes 45 minutes. At A Level, you just have to apply a method: with these questions you have to work out how to use the method. It's a different way of tackling a problem."