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Year 7s Bring Castles to Life

Year 7 students who were tasked with building their own castles during the half term holiday produced some impressive models.

The group is currently studying the Middle Ages and as part of a prelude to a Norman castle assessment, students were asked to research castles from this period and try to replicate one on a smaller scale.

Jasper Osborne's creation was particularly inventive - he designed a pop-up castle which even featured a poem about castles on the front cover of the book.

Others who also got stuck into the project were Naomi Brown and Ben Richards (pictured).

Ben spent all week planning and building his model, which features a watch tower and a drawbridge.

He said: "I did some research and decided on the type of castle I wanted to build and what size it needed to be for me to be able to bring it into school. It took about two days to build."

Naomi spent about four days making her model, building papier mâché around a jug to create the main mound on which to site her castle. She said: "Making a castle helped me to understand why they have certain features, like a moat and walls to protect them."