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Students Developing Website to Showcase Comenius Projects

The Comenius programme is continuing to flourish this term, with students now working on the development of their own website.

The international programme, which is backed by the British Council, aims to develop students' personal skills, such as leadership and entrepreneurship, along with their understanding of other cultures. The Academy has been working with a French and German school and last year, KSA families hosted students from its partner schools.

Students who have been chosen to take part in the Comenius programme are now working on the next stage of the project - the design and creation of a website that will feature their work. They are putting together a number of designs and there will be a whole-school vote to decide on the final version.

Groups of students have also been busy producing content for the website, which includes reports on the benefits of learning a language. One group has already interviewed language teachers at KSA to find out the career options available with learning a language. Others have spoken to family members who speak another language to examine how it has added to their lives.

Other activities students will take part in through the programme include:

  • Creating tourism advertisements;
  • Taking part in a canoeing descent on the Ardèche river in France in 2013 or a half marathon near Stuttgart in Germany in 2014;
  • Producing a documentary on their participation in the above events.

The theme of the Comenius project is Leading Ourselves to a Successful Future and French teacher Aine McAllister, who is leading the programme at KSA, said students are taking the initiative more and more as the project develops.

She said: "The students' skills are developing across many areas. They're enthusiastic, motivated and are always looking for new challenges. They have become more independent and they are coming to me with ideas now."