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Bernard Shows Aptitude for Maths

Bernard Dec, who is in Year 6, has been having maths lessons with Year 9 students in the secondary phase, such is his talent for the subject.

Staff made the decision to move him up after he took a Year 8 test when he was in Year 5 and did very well.

Bernard said: "I have always enjoyed maths and now I'm learning lots of new things, like algebra, so I'm being challenged. I like mental maths and working things out quickly.

"I like my classes and I think there's a really nice community in the secondary phase. They have looked after me and I don't get treated any differently.

"I have done two tests and I got 8B on one and 7A on the other."

Lorraine Taylor, head of maths in the secondary phase, said: "Bernard has worked hard to meet the challenge of working alongside students who are three years older than him. He is always very enthusiastic about getting involved in whole class discussions and enjoys discussing his ideas and solutions with others in the class."