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Vertical Tutoring Set To Be Introduced

A new tutor system is to be rolled out across the Academy from September.

Preparations are now underway for the Vertical Tutoring system, which will restructure the school organisation based on a house (or community) system.

Vice Principal of Inclusion Jill Roginski said: "We believe that introducing the vertical learning system will further improve our school and help to make us outstanding. Through our research, we have seen at first hand what a difference it can make and schools that we have visited have told us that it is the best thing that they have done."

The plan is to have five houses each led by a Progress manager. Each house would consist of students from Years 7 to 11, about four from each year, with associated Sixth Form.

Each tutor group would have four or five students from each of the years 7 to 11 so the whole tutor group will consist of between 20 to 25 students. Each group will be led by two tutors (Learning mentors).

Initially Sixth Form students will be in their own form groups but attached to a house and linked to forms to help with organisational, mentoring and leadership roles.

Vertical Tutoring will take place during the 30 minute tutor period each day. All other lessons would continue to be taught in year group classes as is done now.

In general assemblies would be House assemblies with some Year Group assemblies when necessary.

The benefits include:

  •  Stronger partnerships with parents
  •  A more cohesive school community - "extended family"
  •  Improved each students understanding of the journey through school and its purpose.
  •  A friendlier school where students know students in all year groups
  •  A safer school where younger students feel less intimidated by older students
  •  Increased leadership opportunities for older students
  •  Improved learning outcomes.


Anyone who has any questions can contact the Vice Principal via email at