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Advice for the Future

Help and support is on hand at the Academy for students on their future career paths.





Help and support is on hand at the Academy for students on their future career paths.

The Timely Advice Team are keen to reassure students and their parents/carers they are not on their own and there is support available for students as they leave the Academy.

Avril Bartley-Smith from Timely Advice said: " We work all year round, during the summer holidays, on results days and afterwards. We also keep in touch after the start of the new term to make sure that everyone is settled in their chosen pathway."

Mrs Bartley-Smith added: "98% of students who are in the process of completing their studies at Kettering Science Academy this year have made definite plans for next year, subject to obtaining the required grades in GCSE, BTEC and A Levels.
"Most students are happy with their plans, but sometimes plans and ideas change. This isn’t a problem as we can support students to explore new options and make late applications."

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