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Changes to The Tutoring System are Announced

Changes are to be made to the way students are to be tutored from this September.

Changes are to be made to the way students are to be tutored from this September.
A letter went home to parents today, Wednesday, 2nd July informing parents of the changes that are to take place to the delivery of the Academy’s Pastoral Care and Support.
In the letter from Principal, Mr Paul Davies said: “I have decided to change the way we tutor the students and in September we will move away from the vertical tutoring system.We will, instead, change all the tutor groups to a more traditional year group system.
“This means that Year 7 students will be in tutor groups and assemblies with other Year 7 students, Year 8s with Year 8, Year 9s with Year 9 and so on, and not a blend of age groups.”
Mr Davies added: “I believe this will improve our provision to our students. It will also allow for a greater focus on progress in lessons as current Heads of House will become Progress Leaders, as follows:
              Miss Smith – Progress Leader Yr 7

                Mrs Allan – Progress Leader Yr 8

                Mrs Reid – Progress Leader Yr 9

                Miss Kedie – Progress Leader Yr 10

                Mrs Dodd – Progress Leader Yr 11

It was also explained the House System will remain in place for competitions and fundraising. Students will be kept in their current houses and students from different year groups will have the opportunity to work on some projects in CAPS time.

Changes to the new tutor groups are  to take place before the summer holidays, and it might mean some students stay with their current tutor.

The letter can be read in full on the letters page.