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All the Fun of the Fair

It was all the fun of the fair at KSA on Friday, 18th July as the students organised stalls as part of a Community Fair event.

It was all the fun of the fair at KSA on Friday, 18th July as the students organised stalls as part of a Community Fair event.
The fair was run by the Houses’ Form groups and each manned a stall at the fair style event.
Students set out their various stalls which included game stalls, including a penny run, table football penalty shoot-out, skittles, guessing their teachers from their baby photos and splatting their teachers with sponges whilst they were in the stocks!

More challenges were set up in the Sports Hall with wrestling - with competitors wearing foam protected suits- and the landing of a remote controlled helicopter.
There were also various refreshment stalls providing the fair visitors with everything from cakes and cookies to candy floss and ice cream.
All the forms helped to raise as much as money as they could for this year’s chosen charities of Help the Heroes and Macmillan Cancer Support.
The total raised on the day was £726.00.
Head of Sanger House, Hannah Sambrook, said: “The fair was a huge success this year with all houses getting involved in selling some fabulous goods.
“The food hall always goes down well, and with the fair being held on the hottest day of the year so far ice creams and smoothies were best sellers. There were still queues for the candy floss well after school closed for the week.
“The main hall was buzzing with excitement. The games started to get played and crafts were sold. Rachel Keevils impressive scrunchies sold out within minutes of the fair opening.
“Overall it was a wonderful afternoon with students and staff getting involved in raising as much money as possible.”