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Cashiers' New Skills Add Up

A team of young cashiers has been helping students to save for a rainy day with a school bank account scheme.

Year 11 students Fruma Fernandes, Colette Curley and Chris Cherrett took on the role as cashiers for the HSBC school branch, with Sixth Former Curtis Smith supervising them after he took part in the project last year.

Kettering Science Academy is the only secondary school in Kettering which runs a scheme of this kind, with the aim of teaching young people to be financially responsible.

Students aged between 11 and 16 have been able to set up a My Money account, which allows them to pay in money and have a cash card to withdraw money at ATMs.

When they are 13, they are also allowed a Visa debit card so they can use it to pay at chip and pin facilities, although it doesn't allow them to become overdrawn.

The student bank team were given certificates of achievement by HSBC in recognition of their dedication.

Curtis said it had been a great opportunity to learn a different set of skills, saying: "It's given me a good insight into how banks work and I think it would be quite a good job to do.

"We had a few regulars who would come and put a few pounds in each week and a few who would bring in their birthday money."

Around 42 accounts were set up when this year's scheme launched earlier this year and it has been overseen by representatives from HSBC.

Colette said: "It's good for my future because I can put it on my CV and it shows I'm trustworthy with money."

Mrs Bullock, who has been supporting the students, said: "As the only secondary school in Kettering which runs a bank, they will be the only school-leavers in the town who have these certificates."