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Great Opportunities for Students

Great opportunities have been created for A level students at KSA as they received their exam results today and look at their future plans.

Great opportunities have been created for A level students at KSA as they received their exam results today and look at their future plans.
For the first time a student from the academy is off to Cambridge University and another has been accepted on to a new sports marketing course at Wembley.
A level student, Fabien Sutton was celebrating today, after receiving the news of achieving all the grades he needed to take up his place at Cambridge University, St Catherine’s College to study nature sciences.

Fabien said: “I am delighted to get into Cambridge. I was quite shocked and overwhelmed by my grades.
“In the future I would like to go into a career in research. The teachers at KSA have been fantastic and very supportive, as have fellow students in the sixth form.
Fabien added he was particularly pleased for his friend, Tesvin John’s results with both of them achieving high grade results in the subjects of sciences and maths.
Tesvin said: “I am really pleased for Fabien and for his place at Cambridge. We have been working and revising together and our hard work has definitely been rewarded.
“I had hoped I would do well but I wasn’t expecting to get such good grades. I have secured a place at my first choice of university, Southampton to study mechanical engineering.
“In the future I hope to work for a Formula One racing team. I realise it is a competitive industry but I know Southampton is a great university to study at for taking this career path. Adrian Newey, head of design at Red Bull F1 racing team studied there and I hope to follow in his footsteps. ”

Another fellow sixth former, Joshua Douglas also has his sights on a career in the sports industry as his A level grades,  including a B in business, allows him to take up his place on a sports business and marketing course at Wembley.
Joshua said: “I was really pleased with my A level grades and I am really looking forward to starting at Wembley on this newly set up course. I believe it will provide me with a wide range of opportunities for me in the future within sports marketing.”
He added: “I do believe it will also come with some perks of tickets to games and I might get to see some more live football matches as part of the course.”