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Restaurant Price Changes

A new pricing structure has been introduced for the Academy meals from the start of this new term.

A new pricing structure has been introduced for the Academy meals from the start of this new term.

The changes have been made to the price list following a review of the restaurant and catering facilities and a letter has been sent out to families advising of the changes.

In the letter it explained: “In order to offer greater flexibility and to reflect increasing costs of providing quality food, a new pricing structure for meals will be introduced from September.  We will be continuing to offer the ‘meal deal’ options whereby individual items (other than fruit and drinks) will not be available for purchase.  There will be three pricing levels for breakfast and two for lunch and these will be as follows:

Breakfast; Standard - 2 items plus a drink - £1.20 Standard Plus - 4 items plus a drink - £1.70 Full English - 6 items plus a drink - £2.20 

Lunch; Snack/buffet/mini meal - £2.10 Standard - £2.65.”

The full price list and menus for the Secondary and Primary Phases can be viewed on the Catering Page.

Students eligible for free school meals will be provided with a daily allowance of £3.85 allowing for a standard breakfast and standard lunch. 

Further changes to the menus and food offered will be looked at again for January 2015 in line with new Government standards for school food.

The Academy is also looking into the option of introducing an electronic payment system. This will allow parents to top up their child’s student card with money on-line from home and avoid students bringing cash into school.
This is in response to feedback from parents and it is hoped to be implemented by October.