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Dancing Star Offered Teaching Role By College

A talented dancer who has travelled the world to perform has been approached by a college to teach others and pass on her skills.

Year 12 student Mithura Thirugnanasambanthar, who is studying for a diploma in Indian Classical Dancing in her spare time, started dancing when she was 12.

She travels to Milton Keynes every Saturday for specialist lessons and dedicates about seven hours a week to dancing.

Mithura has performed in Europe, Canada and at various locations across the country and last September she filmed a show for Deepam TV.

She has danced in stage shows, temple programmes and even at a hospital opening.

Such is her talent that she soon attracted the attention of Bedford College, which offered Mithura the chance to teach basic Indian dancing one afternoon a week when she has finished school.

She has not yet decided whether to take them up on the offer, as it will have to fit in around her studies.

Mithura is studying AS Level Politics and Business and next year, she will be studying AS Level Maths and Sociology.

She said she would love to dance professionally, although she is also considering a career in law. She said: "This kind of dance expresses different feelings and emotions and you learn how to express yourself in different situations.

"You use hand movement and face reactions to describe the song. Even if people can't understand the language of the song, by seeing the dance they can understand what is going on."

Mithura practices her dancing with her younger sister Dajana, who is in Year 7 at the Academy.