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Nicole Represents Young People

A student who is dedicated to getting the best for young people has been voted onto Kettering Youth Council.

Nicole Vaccaro, from Year 9, had already set up a youth forum at Keystone Escape Youth Centre in Kettering in order for the views of young people to be heard.

She decided to stand for the town's youth council and was elected in June to serve alongside pupils from other schools.

Now Nicole is looking forward to having an input into the development of services for teenagers in the town.

She is already an active member at Keystone, taking on the role of secretary and helping organise events for young people.

She arranges bands to play every Saturday, organises a chill-out session on a Thursday and helps with the centre's annual open-air festival.

Barry Davies from Keystone said: "Nicole makes a very significant contribution to the activities that are provided at the youth centre and also gives a great deal of confidence by way of mentoring younger people at the centre."

Nicole believes it is vital that any services or activities provided for teenagers have been developed by young people themselves.

She said: "I think there needs to be more areas for young people aged from 13 to 16 to be able to meet.

"I think being on the Youth Council will be a challenge and I'll be able to do more to help young people."