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Farewell To Longstanding Members Of Staff

Four members of staff who have notched up 89 years’ service between them are saying a final farewell to KSA on Friday (July 23rd).

The Academy will say goodbye to English Teacher Mrs Bullock, Senior Lab Technician Lynn Bird, Head of Science Angela Roberston and Special Needs Teacher Lynda Fiendley.

Mrs Bullock looks back on 30 years of teaching and she said many of the systems that were in place when she first started are now being re-introduced.

She said: "When I first started we had two form tutors per form, which is coming back again, and we had a uniform with blazers, which we now have again.

"But there was no Ofsted and no National Curriculum.

"The woman who was in charge of probationary teachers at that time had a philosophy that new teachers should have the worst classes, because if you could survive that, you could survive anything."

One of Mrs Bullock's highlights was taking a group of Year 11 CSE students to the theatre for the very first time to see Of Mice and Men.

She also took pride in running an HSBC School Branch from 1998 to help young people be more financially responsible.

Mrs Bullock, who is also a magistrate, is looking forward to spending more time in court when she retires and is also planning round-the-world trips.

Mrs Roberston, who is leaving after 18 years, started as a licence teacher, specialising in science and special needs.

She said: "The way we teach has changed so much. There used to be a lot of chalk and talk - now it's about generating ideas from students and getting them to feed off each other.

"The science department has always been a really good team, no matter who we were working with and I shall miss them and the interaction with students."

Also hanging up her lab coat for the final time after 20 years is Mrs Bird.

One of her highlights over the years was the arrival of a long-awaited chemical store - they even had a ribbon-cutting ceremony to celebrate.

She said: "I shall miss the people I have worked with and being part of team."

Mrs Fiendley is saying goodbye to KSA after 21 years.

She spent 16 years as a Special Needs Coordinator before going part time, teaching literacy and basic skills.

She said: "One of the best things that happened over the years was getting funding through the Barclays New Futures scheme in 1995. This allowed us to be more inclusive and we had gifted and talented students mentoring younger pupils with a range of abilities.

"It's so nice when you have worked with someone who has difficulties and they later tell you as adults that they have made something with their life."