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No Mobile Phones Policy

The usage of mobile phones is to be prohibited during the Academy day.

The usage of mobile phones is to be prohibited during the Academy day.
Following a consultation period, it has decided that no mobile phones are to be used within KSA by students during the school day.
This ‘no mobile phone’ policy is being introduced at the start of the new academic year from Thursday, 3rd September for all Year 7 –11 Students.
In a letter sent home to families during the summer holidays, Principal, Mr Paul Davies stated: “This policy has received support from the majority of parents. This means that if students need to bring phones to school, they are to be turned off upon entering the building and placed safely in lockers for the day.  Mobile phones should not be seen or used at all during the school day.”
Mr Davies added: “All staff will be enforcing this rule and will remind students of the policy should a phone be seen.  If the students flout the rule the phone will be confiscated and returned at the end of the day.  Hopefully this will further reduce distraction in lessons and allow the students to focus their learning.  Should you need to communicate with your child during the day please call the Academy reception and the message will be passed on promptly.”

Please click here to read the letter in full.