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New Tutor System Taking Shape

Students have worked together to design logos and pick a charity of the year for each of the new Houses at KSA.

The five Houses now have names and students from each group voted on which charity they will support in the coming year.

Mrs Reid's House is Franklin, its colour is turquoise and the organisation they will be supporting is Bliss, which helps premature babies.

Mrs Reid said: "The ethos of the house is built around the ethos of Champs, which stands for Collaboration, Harmony, Achievement, Managing people/situations and Student voice."

Miss Fitzgerald's House opted for the name Sanger and to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support.

Mrs Allan is head of Socrates House, which has decided to support the Wood Green Animal Shelter.

Mrs Dodd's House is now named Da Vinci and the group will fundraise for Kidsaid, which helps children and young people who have experience any kind of trauma.

The final House is Hawking, and is overseen by Mr Brown.

The new system, introduced to create a KSA 'family', is made up of five Houses with a mix of students from Years 7 to 11.

Each tutor group will have four or five students from each year and the groups will meet once a day.

A day of activities was organised last term to help students get to know each other.