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New Student Librarians

The newly appointed student librarians are currently being trained to provide help and assistance to students and staff in the Secondary Phase.


The newly appointed student librarians are currently being trained to provide help and assistance to students and staff in the Secondary Phase.
The library staff had more than 40 apply for the roles and 18 students from Years 7 -9 were selected to help out on a regular basis.
The successful students from Year 7 were: Asia Tucker, Georgia Fitzgerald, Libby Wilson-Benn (pictured) and Jack Ross. Year 8 students: Jazmin Eady, Nilanee Kuganathan, Cassandra Avery, Aishmeen Manesh Sara Dinu, James Handley and Paul Ile. Year 9 Students: Lucy Allely, Illaria Bradbury, Neryee Rawcliffe, Liz Szetelyova  and Monika Kwak.
This year there is also two after school student librarians, Year 8 Students, Jessica Rodreguez-Dale and Anna Smith.
All have been spending time in the library during CAPS time familiarising themselves with the library layout and filing system.
 Head Librarian at the Secondary Phase, Mrs Heidi Economou said: “We are pleased to welcome these students on board as helpers for the library for this year. We are currently introducing the recruits to the library system and their designated tasks which include assisting in the general running of the library, helping with displays and keeping the library tidy.”
Mrs Economou added: “This year we are also pleased to have two new additions of after school student librarians. They will be assisting with the homework club.”

Sixth Formers have also have been selected to make up this year’s Library Committee.
The members of the committee are: Brogan Gore-Devlin, Liam Potts, Mason Hoath and George Jackson.
The committee help to organise events to happen within the library including quizzes to coincide with special celebrations and events.
Most recently the committee quizzed Year 8 students with a series of Halloween questions as part of an inter-form quiz that took place at the end of last term.