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Artists’ Efforts Add Creative Touch To KSA

The impressive artwork now on display around KSA is the work of a group of students commissioned by the Principal.

Seven art students were asked to produce a series of pieces for display around the Academy.

Principal Martin Campbell requested that one of the paintings included a window and Year 10 student Todd Panton set to work on a design.

His efforts can now be seen in the conference room - a large oil painting inspired by the hope and aspiration for KSA. It depicts a bridge leading towards a city landscape which includes an image of the existing Academy building and the plan for the new campus.

Other works include a group painting next to the restaurant entrance.

This piece is based on the theme of science and a human brain is the focal point, surrounded by images that depict the evolution of life on earth.

The artists are Daniel Kelly, a former Year 13, Ania Straus, Lee Moulton, Todd Panton, Emily Hayland and Boniface Kangethe from Year 11 and Year 9 student Georgia Bishop.

Art Teacher Raj Masand said: "Well done to the pupils for their hard work, dedication and innovation in producing some outstanding works of art."