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More Opportunities With Extended After-School Programme

A new programme of after-school activities that includes more than 50 clubs will give students the chance to broaden their skills and develop their learning even further.

From support with curriculum subjects to activities which may be new to students- such as gliding and debating clubs - there is something for all abilities and interests.

The expectation is that every student at the Academy will take up to at least one club this year and Learning Mentors will be encouraging their forms to get involved with the programme.

Students can try an activity for one term and move onto another the following term if they wish.

Vice Principal Tanya Harvey said: "We're extending the day and offering opportunities that we can't fit into the normal curriculum.

"The new programme will allow students to develop skills they don't necessarily get in the classroom and an opportunity outside the curriculum to try a new hobby or extend their learning."

The activities are free and in some cases, specialist help is being brought in, including an ex-international player who will lead the Volleyball Club.

Other activities include The Cliffhangers reading club (pictured), Film Club, Duke of Edinburgh, Spanish Club, Culture Club, Photography and Image Manipulation, Advanced Business, Girls' Football and Table Tennis.

The new programme includes a first for KSA - the introduction of a BTEC course in art and design which is open to Year 9 to Sixth Formers, rather than just one particular year group.

A parents' evening was held recently to introduce the new subject and was well attended.

For GCSE geography and history students, their lessons will form part of the after-school programme, with earlier finish times on another day for these students.

This will also allow other students to pick up an extra GCSE as part of the schedule.

The enrichment programme is still developing and new clubs are being added all the time - keep checking the After-School Activities section of this website for details.