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Computer Programming

A number of our students have been working on their computer programming skills at the Academy.  


A number of our students have been working on  their computer programming skills at the Academy.  
Students from Years 7 through to 9 have been taking part in an after school Coding Club on Wednesday evenings run by the head of business and ICT, Mr Daniel Duncan and Year 7 Students will also this term benefit from working with BBC Microbit computers.
The club was re-launched at the beginning of last  term and it was well supported by students joining in to learn about coding using Python and they have started looking at the development of games programmes.
Mr Duncan said: “The club proved to be very popular and successful. Through running the club, we have really established there is a demand for running such computer programming sessions for students and they have been working on creating their own computer programmes using Python and others have started to create their own games. They also had the opportunity to work with Mircobytes, which are mini computers.  As a result of the increasing interest in coding and programming we are also introducing a computer science GCSE at KSA, which I hope will be popular from this September.”
Mr Duncan added: “The coding club will restart again in term 6, but in the meantime, each Year 7 Student will get their own Microbit computer.Students will be able to use the programming tools on the BBC Microbit website,, to write programs for their tiny computers.”