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West End Stardom For KSA Student

A talented Year 7 student at KSA has landed himself a leading role in one of the West End's popular musicals.


A talented Year 7 Student at KSA has landed himself a leading role in one of the West End's popular musicals.
Archie Durrant is currently starring as Charlie Bucket in Charlie and The Chocolate Factory at the Drury Lane Theatre in London.
On Tuesday 17th May Archie debuted in his new role as Charlie and a few shows in he said that all is going well with his new challenge.
Archie said: “So far so good. All has gone well with my first shows. It is a lot of responsibility being the lead character as the whole cast is relying on me to get it right.”
Archie had six weeks of rehearsals before taking on his exciting new role and has been working with an entirely new cast for the show.
He said: “I am working with a brand new cast and we are all starting out in this version show together, which really helps.”
Archie is no stranger to the stage or the musical as he previously starred as Mike Teavee in the theatre production for 18 months, but he auditioned for the part of Charlie back in January and he is enjoying the experience of playing this leading role. 
Archie is on the agency books at Starlight Dance and Musical Theatre School in Kettering and it is through the agency that he secured his previous professional roles including appearances in a stage production of The Snowman and as Mike Teavee.
Archie continues to attend Starlight classes and appears in their dance shows when he is available.
Archie is not always in school at KSA due to his acting commitments, but he said: “KSA staff, the Principal Mr Davies and all my teachers have been very supportive of me and so have my family.”
Asked about what he was looking forward to most about his new part, he said: “I am look forward to making the character my own and it is great to take on the title role. I am also pleased to be able to take an individual bow at the end, getting to eat more chocolate on stage and actually getting my hands on a golden ticket. In my previous role, Mrs Teavee, Mike’s mum, clings on to his golden ticket.”
Archie’s Dad, Mr Dave Durrant said: “We are very proud of all of his hard work and dedication in both his theatre and school work and all his achievements to date, especially in going from the role of Mike Teavee to the lead role of Charlie.”
Archie is in a small group of actors that perform as Charlie on a rotational basis and he will be doing so until January 2017. 
Archie can also be heard on the radio this weekend as he recently performed a song from the show with the current Willy Wonka at the Royal Albert Hall on Monday night in Magic of the Musicals, which airs this Sunday between 6-8pm on Magic FM.
He also appeared in a number from the show at the London palladium a couple of weeks ago, due to be televised on ITV on Wednesday 8th June as part of An Evening at the Palladium.